For any trade event, the ability to create viable leads is essential. So, what is it about FENEX makes us a better option for your business? 

With a team that has vast experience in media, marketing and online business marketing, the idea of FENEX was born, long before the Covid pandemic brought this type of expo into the limelight.  FENEX was an inevitability that Covid brought forward. In simple terms, it is easy to attend, generates viable leads and is extremely cost effective as a marketing tool that will bring a business greater reach.Removing costly travel bills with the ability to create qualified leads from your office is making this virtual trade show extremely attractive. It is flexible, with a more diverse range of exhibitors and attendees ensure that there are larger online audiences.
Today, key decision makers consider that virtual events, such as FENEX, are a huge resource that bring fast payback.



There can be few better phrases than ‘this will save you money’.  As many exhibitions require deep pockets with large amounts of money, the virtual trade show reduces costs substantially across the board.  Travel, hotels, promotional items and personnel, corporate hospitality and those bar bills, which can sometimes get very out of hand, simply don’t exist.


More Visitors Can Attend Virtual Events

With more people able to exhibit and attend, this increases the trade show value, essentially, you gain access to more qualified leads.Virtual seminars, discussions and chat rooms give more people the chance to visit and/or contribute as no travel is involved.

In respect of stand size, there are no minimum space requirements, so it is possible for as many people as you would want to visit your virtual stand, all from the comfort of their preferred screen.


FENEX Gives Exhibitors Longer Exposure And More For Their Money

As a virtual trade show, FENEX has a longer life than alternative options. For example, a real-time seminar may be repeated over a 2 or 3 day period, a virtual option can remain live as long as you wish. It’s all about FENEX!

This virtual trade show platform, allows exhibitors to be streamed for 30 days to give optimum access to corporate literature, videos, presentations etc. That is so important when looking to track qualified leads with mass online audiences.


Big Data Captures More Of The Information You Need

At most standard trade exhibitions, a basic, attendance report is supplied to exhibitors.  FENEX however, provides reporting and analytics which gives them the chance to see the movements of every, single visitor to a stand. 

Knowing who viewed which video or which piece of literature they downloaded, it is possible to evaluate and adjust future content, fully aware of its potential; – something that is just not possible at physical events.



A common misconception about the virtual trade show is that networking is not possible – actually that is completely wrong. It is actually far easier for stand visitors to interact with each other as well as the sales team, and in complete confidence if they so wish. Online profiles can be created where it is possible to engage and interact with others at the show, whether that is as an exhibitor or a visitor.

Even better, personal business details can be exchanged at the touch of a button.

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