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You don’t have to wait weeks for a master key order to be delivered anymore. If you order your master key needs from Brisant, you can expect your delivery in 2 to 4 days’ time (depending on how many there are!).
Every lock in the Brisant range can be made to a master key system, giving you the option of a fully kite marked suite with our BS range or a Sold Secure Diamond suite by using Ultion. Opt for Brisant-D, and you can include rim locks, bullets locks and Scandinavian oval within the set.

Not having the right lock means ordering the right lock, waiting for it to be delivered, then going back to the site – an expensive nightmare. Ensuring that you always have stock for every eventuality means cash tied up in locks being carried around for months (or even years) – an expensive nightmare. We do locks for locksmiths; our locks take the expense out of being a locksmith.
Combine the Brisant modular lock with the extreme simplicity of our pinning system, and you can have a keyed-to-keyed alike lock made up and ready to fit within a couple of minutes. No ordering, no waiting, no return visits. Simple.

Get the ultimate peace of mind by knowing that you can ‘break’ any two locks from your stock and re-join different halves to make an entirely different lock.
Some seasoned Brisant customers report that they have this down to less than two minutes!

Hopefully, you’ll be getting the picture of how Brisant locks are designed to make your locksmith life an easier and more productive life.
Pinning our locks is a piece of cake too. By tapping the key code into our website, you can immediately get the pin code combination.

With Brisant’s modular design, you can assemble a thumb turn in seconds, on-site and without the need to leave your customer stranded without a lock.
Whilst a Brisant pinning kit is really practical, it’s not too hard to imagine accidentally dropping one of those itsy bitsy little pins into a different compartment. That’s why we made all of our pins a slightly different colour to each other; now, when you have a 3 amongst the 5’s, it is super easy to spot and pop back in its rightful home.

To find out more why not check out our website or contact us directly?

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