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Deceuninck’s Decalu

Deceuninck’s Decalu line is unique in the market thanks to the integration of techniques also used in the production of our PVC profiles. Our previous system was optimised from 8 to only 3 components without a central gasket. All new product series meets the same high insulation values.

Our aluminium door profiles combine seamlessly with glass and lacquered aluminium sandwich panels. Customisation based on your preferences in terms of milling lines, glass sections and changeover profiles is possible. The flush-mounted door is fully compatible with the Decalu series.

The Deceuninck Decalu line always strives for a range of colours that is up-to-date with the latest trends. We selected 16 RAL colours that fit in perfectly with contemporary home decoration trends based on market research. We offer options for both industrial and rural homes, ranging from stone grey and steel blue to light ivory. Our colour collections Aluroc and Decoroc are completely attuned to each other thanks to the Smart Colours principle.

Quality Control

Our experts check the quality of the profiles on a daily basis. They test all characteristics of the raw materials, the extruded profiles and the finished window and door systems in accordance with the strictest European standards. Dimensions, colour, thermal stability, corner joints and compositions are verified at regular intervals.

Finished windows and doors are checked for air permeability, wind resistance and water tightness. These strict internal inspections ensure the exceptional quality of Deceuninck’s Decalu profiles.
Deceuninck always undertakes to have its Decalu products certified even though this is not legally required. This demonstrates that Deceuninck attaches great importance to quality. Numerous approvals from various bodies, including the Belgian Union for Technical Approval in Construction (BUtgb), the so-called ATG approvals, and KOMO certificates issued by Kiwa and SKG are the best proof of this.

An overview of all technical approvals at our disposal can be found on the website.

Certified Product and Installation

Mandated accredited certification bodies, such as Kiwa in Belgium, exercise external control over the conformity of production with the published approval at a specified frequency. Within this scope, quality certification agency Kiwa has developed an industry-specific quality label (SSK) in collaboration with Deceuninck. This quality label goes way beyond the European CE standard. It provides even greater certainty that both the production (SSK 2001) and the installation (SSK 2002) of the window and door systems skilfully occur.

The scope of the accreditation is extended at regular intervals. This ensures that we continue to comply with the increasingly strict market demands.

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