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Welcome to Leka Systems, professionals in the Replacement Conservatory Roof market. Professionals in the replacement conservatory roof market with over 45 years combined experience in providing tens of thousands of the very highest quality home improvement solutions across the UK.

Leka Systems has a vast in house team of Mechanical Design Engineers, Industry Specific Manufacturing Directors and Senior Conservatory Installation Managers that all help deliver the highly advanced ‘Leka System’, ideal for your replacement conservatory roof.

Industry professionals founded Leka Systems to answer the growing demand for a better alternative to traditional conservatory roofs. Over the years, the same question has arisen, that conservatory owners could not use their conservatories in the summer as they were too hot and the conservatory was too cold in the winter.

The team at Leka Systems watched the competitors flood the market with alternative roof products. We listened to conservatory owners, including their concerns with other products. We learned from industry flaws to provide a replacement conservatory roof that meets ‘you’ the homeowner’s replacement conservatory roof requirements. And so, the Leka System was born.

Product Installation

Highly skilled and qualified installation manager whose experience runs right through from manufacture to onsite installation of just about every conservatory design structure you could possibly imagine. The benefit being, our mechanical engineers can design the perfect system; however, sometimes practical reasoning will uncover installation faults onsite that design and calculations cannot foresee. This team collaboration between design & installation ensures a seamless process & a more advanced product in the Leka System.

Product Manufacture

Once the design of your conservatory roof is finalised and installation managers have approved the onsite application, then it’s time to manufacture. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing conservatory roofs of all scales, the manufacturing manager ensures the smooth run of fabrication procedures. Experience lead management allows the Leka System to be fully quality controlled, constructed, kit listed on the shop floor.

Each individual element is then labelled, packed and shipped to your home, ready for a skilled team of installation engineers to complete your luxury roofing structure.
At Leka systems, the entire team aims to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction and the most technological development in the conservatory roof conversion market for over 25 years. With this in mind, we only affiliate ourselves with the very best and most respected consumer organisations and industry-related certification bodies the UK has to offer.

Satisfaction with your conservatory roof conversion is our top priority.

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Leka Systems

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