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Looks sweet for years.

Sweet carries multiple coatings of brass and nickel, ensuring it always looks great, even after being hammered with salt water for over 8000 hours. That’s an incredible 30x more time than required for the flagship EN 1906:2012 corrosion standard.

Not all door handles have their build quality tested in a cycle test. But those that do hope to achieve the accreditation standard of 100,000 cycles. Sweet was still opening and closing doors after 360,000.
We guarantee that your door furniture will still be working and looking sweet for a decade.
Beautiful, corrosion-resistant hardware from the brains behind Britain’s most secure lock.

Why shouldn’t extreme personal protection look stunning? With Sweet’s unique ‘edgeless’ design, it always does. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, country-style or urban cool, Sweet stays effortlessly cool.

Ultion SMART

We offer an easily installed, Police-preferred smart lock that you can control via your phone:
• Works with or without home automation systems
• Fitted and working in minutes – no wires or drilling
• £2,000 security guarantee as standard
• Ultion protects over 1m homes

Our Ultion SMART can connect other smart devices to create a more seamless living at home:
• Apple Homekit: Apple Watch and Siri can operate your door with the Ultion SMART Homekit model.
• Amazon Alexa: ‘Alexa, lock my door’ is now possible with all Amazon Echo Smart hubs.
• Samsung SmartThings: Integrate your door locking within a Samsung SmartThings environment and automate it alongside your other smart events.

But it also works just as well with Bluetooth, a key, and our wireless keypad that we offer.

Controlling your door locks from your smartphone, watch or by voice command is clever. Combining this with Police preferred security and a £1000 security guarantee is smart.

Using the same fixing holes in your door, replacing your door handle with Ultion SMART is simple. It uses sizes common to UK doors, both 211mm and 122mm distance between fixings and 92mm distance between handle and barrel (keyhole) centre. The escutcheon model can be used for doors that don’t have a combined ‘lever and barrel’ handle. The design means that you don’t need to give your barrel size, and even the width of the handle is the same as UK door handles. The internal mechanism is a 30mm radius from the middle of your current keyhole.

To find out more, why not visit our website and see for yourself the immense benefits of our products.

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