Posted on: 22 April 2021 | Industry News

Sustainability – FENEX Announces Focus On Industry Sustainability

FENEX Announces Focus On Industry Sustainability At Main Event In September  



As part of a wide a varied programme of topics and subjects that will be covered at the FENEX main event in September, one of the central pillars to the show will be a focus on fenestration sector sustainability and energy efficiency. 

Climate change and sustainability is the single most important issue facing every business, every person in every country. FENEX is going to use the main event to bring a sharp focus in industry sustainability, the efforts of the sector so far, and where we can go further to reduce carbon emissions and the impact of the sector on the environment. 

FENEX is going to be presenting a wide ranging programme of webinars, product launches, articles and podcasts that will cover this most important of issues. Recycling, the circular supply chain, sourcing sustainable raw materials, engaging in green initiatives and more will be covered at the main event. 

Speaking about the announcement, co-founder of FENEX Jason Grafton-Holt said: “when we created FENEX, we said from the start that one of the priorities of the show would always to be shine a light on the issue of sustainability and climate change. Our industry has made some very good progress over the past decade. Huge recycling facilities have been built by a number of different systems companies, companies have invested in their buildings to reduce carbon emissions, products are being made using more and more recycled materials. But there is still much more to do, and this is the decade it has to be done in. FENEX is going explore what more needs to be done, but will also show how UK fenestration is one of the sectors leading the way in the fight against climate change.” 

FENEX is going to explore the opportunities at the main event in September that the drive to go green is going to present. Change requires investment and innovation. This in turn means job creation, new products and new markets that don’t even exist yet. Whilst doing great things for our environment, there is a huge economic opportunity that lies ahead too. This is what FENEX is going to help to build with the fenestration industry. 

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FENEX Main Event: Weds 8th Sept – Sat 11th Sept 2021