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Why FENEX Is Important For Your Business

Why FENEX? Exhibiting at our trade shows is a good way to profile a business. 


Why FENEX? Take look at Deceuninck’s stand at January’s mini Expo!

The beauty of the virtual trade exhibitions is that it gives the whole sales team an unprecedented level of access to new prospects, that traditional shows don’t offer.

Vistors to a virtual trade exhibition are customers who are in a mood to buy and as such are looking at the market with intent.

Virtual events have a huge advantage in that they can be attended from anywhere without the hassle of travel, parking, hotels and huge hospitality bills. There is no rush hour to consider, no traffic jams to avoid and they are extremely easy to navigate.

Equally importantly, virtual events can become powerful venues where new discussions and topical trends can be debated live.  Being able to influence and drive discussions relating to the industry will keep visitors engaged in an open environment, with the benefits of seminars, videos and online streaming all of which are part of the FENEX experience.

By investing in the FENEX Virtual Trade Show, it is possible to gain better engagement without the huge spend.  Better engagement tools will keep a virtual stand busy, with a company’s sales team able to engage in the build up and during the show.  This will keep everyone focused on the business at hand both on and offline.

We are now in a new age of engagement thanks to the developments that have taken place technically to enable advanced AI to help as a sales tool for any sized business.

So why FENEX? With the highly creative and skilled FENEX team available to advise on design, content and technical engagement.  The virtual stand will be able to capture the all important visitor details via a built-in registration tool. Stands take mere hours to design and upload, real time updates let you see the stand ‘live’ and enable you to make tweaks quickly and easily.

For exhibitors it will be possible to create the ultimate digital experience that reflects the standards and quality of a company.  This will help to drive leads, promote industry comment and will enable attendees to connect with peers and customers alike.

Investing in a Virtual Stand at FENEX will provide a fast and effective route to a huge audience at 1/10 the cost of a real time exhibition.   People can take advantage of being accessible from anwhere, the office, on the road even at home.  This show will allow investors to showcase all that is great about their business without losing valuable business time. The world literally has no limits.

For more information or to find out why FENEX is right for your business, please contact Lee or Ben on 01924 911234 or 07427 854225 or email enquiries@fenex.co.uk.

FENEX Main Event: Weds 8th Sept – Sat 11th Sept 2021.

Get your free ticket here –https://fenex.co.uk/attend/

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