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Posted on: 16 August 2021 | Blog

Why Visit FENEX?

Why Should I Visit FENEX?

Visit FENEX - Your invited

Time is money they say and with online options now growing at a fast pace with Zoom, Live YouTube channels and social media feeds all dominating the way business is moving forward are the days of handshaking and card swapping passed their sell-by date.  Of course not, but with such positive uptake for FENEX it has to be accurate to say that virtual business is staying.

Although many want to get back to physical networking events, common sense dictates that it will take quite some time before social distancing measures can be ignored. 

Companies are quickly recognising the advantages to be gained from virtual networking and shows such as FENEX for the fenestration sector.

As the industry’s first online exhibition for those in fenestration, it is expected that FENEX will invigorate the market and will help to build the professional community we all work in.  New opportunities, training, and skill sharing can all be forged in a safe environment that allows people the time to network without the cost of losing business.

Before you visit FENEX make sure you are ready.

Identify who will be attending that you want to talk to.  Evaluate the products that will match your business plan.  Are there companies that offer potential partnering opportunities or can liaising with a company help to boost your business? Check out the exhibitors beforehand here.

Keep Things Professional


Use your LinkedIn account to your advantage.  Connect with all things FENEX on your social feeds and be proactive with them to widen your audience before the expo.  Connect to the FENEX linkedIn page here. Ensure that business information is accurate and easy to read on all social feeds.  If you want to talk business then keep things professional, so no family photos.

Use the show to connect with people who will not only buy from you but who will also complement your business.

Let’s Talk Windows And Doors

In order to help move a business forward, it is essential for it to have a voice.  Participate in a chat about window and door topics that matter to you. Build mutually beneficial connections that can not just bring benefits to your business but who will help to solve some of the bigger industry issues.  Skill shortages and material shortages, will all help to build and strengthen business relationships.

Engage with delegates and exhibitors online in the relevant designated areas or chat rooms. Ask questions that could really help your own business, and more than financially.   

If anyone shares useful information use it as an opener to take the conversation where you want it to head.  Build in the possibilities for real-time meetings after FENEX is over.  Forging meaningful connections will allow you to share expertise and swap information that can also help to add value as a whole to the fenestration sector.  FENEX is the right arena to find the right people.

There can be no better place to connect with industry leaders in the window and door sector – those that will be able to offer new insights into improving your business opportunities and skills. Invite other business associates to visit FENEX with you – it’s so simple to meet online and it will help to broaden your target audience.

At FENEX you can learn about safety, training, new products, product reviews, and much more with easy access and none of the costs to attend.

FENEX Main Event: Weds 8th Sept – Sat 11th Sept 2021.

Get your free ticket to visit FENEX here –https://fenex.co.uk/attend/

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